Our Studs

These are the fathers of our puppies. Some are still too young to be bred, others are actively being bred at present.


Cantope’s IsleOf Quincy 
BD April 2021


IsleOf A Parti at Bigben 
Living in Ottawa
Fully Health Tested
Birth day: Jan 4, 2019
Dam: IsleOf Mullah- ( Pippa’s tri sister)
Sire: Joellen’s Tuxedo Affair- (Tux)


IsleOf Oliver Duke
BD Nov11-2020
Sire- GQ London 
Dam-Pierlyham Yham  Djeeaze Marquise


Isle Of Running With Wolves
BD – March 2020


Reg name: Cantope’s IsleOf All That Jazz
Born: March 2021
Sire: Jewels Harrison At Willow Lane
Dam: Ch Cantope’s Illbes All That Jazz


CKC reg.name – IsleOf Jorah Keller 
Born March 2020
Son Of Sire; Blackvortex When In Rome ( Roman )
Dam- Isle Of Orilla Richards 


CKC Registered Name: Isle Of Gustavo Don Melvin
BD September 2020
Son of: Sire- Isle Of GQ London
Dam- Yham Djeeaze Marquise


CKC Registered Name: IsleOf Beau Phantom Tux
BD: August 17 2020
Son of: Sire – (Roman) Blackvortex When in Rome
Dam -( Lexy) IsleOf Lexy Gorodnitchi

Beau is One Year Old


Born: May 2020  
Dam – Palbago Isle Of Gq Yandi Tri (Angel)    
Sire –  Hesslers Isle Of Phantasy (Odin)


CKC Registered name; Isle Of A Phantom Parti
BD: August 17 2020
Son of: Sire – (Roman) Blackvortex When in Rome
Dam -( Lexy) IsleOf Lexy Gorodnitchi


Born October 7th/2020 
CKC Reg name; BalsamRidge IsleOf Champagne on Ice
Son of:  Sire – IsleOf Doc Holiday
Dam – Shantar Xandriah Rose

Mocha at 6 months, just grromed
Mocha at 6 months, just groomed


CKC Reg Name; Isle Of Ryker’s Here To Stay
Born Aug 2nd 2020 
Son of: Sire – IsleOf A Tequila Parti (Ryker)
Dam – IsleOf Jerzee (Jerzee)


CKC reg name: Isleof Parti In Berlin
Born march 31/2020
Son of: Sire –  (Desi) Stonecold Running River
Dam -(Ruby) IsleOf Princess Jansen


CKC reg name: IsleOf Prince Charles
Born March 31/2020 
Son of Desi,(Stonecold Running River) & Ruby (IsleOf Princess Jansen)


UKC reg name; Cantope IsleOf Riggz
Born October 1st 2019
Son of Allens Willowlane Riggins & Cantope’s Mikobbes Lulu

Riggz at Sundown


CKC reg name: Isle of GQ of London   
Born March 31st 2017  
Son of: Sire – (Rhett)  Balsamridge Isle of View
Dam – (Georgie) Isle of Time On Our Side 


CKC reg name ; Hesslers IsleOf Phantasy  
Birthdate (10/14/2017-)
Son of UCH Ditto’s Wild Kasanova ‘Major’ & UCH Full Moons Phantasia’s Phantasy