Puppies Available


Our  sweet Delilah from Marianna & Mocha she’s a stunning Sable. 

Her  birthday is July 16th /23 and she’s had her first set of vaccines. She is calm, cuddly and  ready for her forever home in a❤️🐩🐩🐩🐩

Swayze and Rip

We are excited to announce our new litter Born August 30th 2023 of 8 gorgeous puppies , 6 girls & 2 boys. They are ready to go to new homes October 22 to 25th. 1 boy and 3 girls are still available.

Our Dam Swayze is our small  standard poodle, black cream phantom Black at 35 pounds 

Our Stud Rip is our Moyen , Tri phantom at 25 pounds

This has been a planned litter for sometime . It will also be our last litter of the year.

Here’s our adorable available little girl Cha Cha!

The Girls Chilling Out

The Litter




Upcoming Litters

Juno and Archie

Juno and Archie will be bred in January



Ruby and Desi’s son Filou at 6 months old.

He is a stunning brindle parti living in Berlin. This  is his first attempt at agility .. smart, loving boy in a wonderful home.

This is Kiki she’s Filou’s future bride to be .

I’m sure she can show him the agility moves!


The whelping pen is where all the puppies are raised!


Waiting List

We are pleased to announce our waiting list is now open!!  Stunning, flashy and excellent temperament. The finest poodles with years of extensive breeding pedigree. We only have one or two litters per year.

We are a family of poodle fans. We have had standard poodles in our life for over 30  years. We pride ourselves on raising healthy, intelligent standard poodles in a variety of colours. We bred our female UKC Registered Poodles with Phantom Standard Poodles. We are anticipating our puppy’s colours will be a variety of black and whites, black and tans, party and phantom markings.

Our puppies will be fully health checked, microchipped, and come with 6 weeks of free PetsPlus health insurance.  If you would like to learn more about us, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We provide lifetime support and have a return policy.

Amazing poodles for only amazing families.

We take great pride and care in breeding and raising our puppies.

All puppies are sold registered:. All puppies /dogs at Isle Of Standard Poodles come with a life time contract that must follow them for their safety  and protection.. Our puppies/ dogs cannot be resold , We buy  all our dogs back if ever needed for any reason.

    • All puppies are sold Registered
    • Dew claw & Tails left NATURAL
    • Health certificate
    • Micro chipped
    • Copy of Pedigree
    • Also a life time of breeder support
    • Six week free Pet Secure insurance

Puppies are easily trained to ring hanging bells if you don’t have a doggy door.They are inside and play out side if weather permitted. We suggest crate training once they are in your home.
I highly recommend getting this book by: Pat Hastings called, “Puppy development”. I do provide when available!
We strongly believe in “not” fixing a female puppy until 10 months old and males once fully grown at 1 1/2 to 2 years. All our guarantees are void if anyone fixes their puppy earlier than this. Please watch the video on YouTube by Dr. Becker called “Watch this before you spay your dog!” This video is also on my links page! Also, we are firm believers in not desexing dogs – just have tubes tied to prevent many issues!
We also follow Dr.Dodds in all our vaccines, and less is best.
Thank you!

We look for the best forever family home’s for our puppies. We do not sell puppies to homes that work 8 hrs a day, it’s not fair to them.

I will always be here for you and our puppies.