Puppy Application

Our Application Process

If you wish to apply to get a puppy please submit the form below.

Once we have matched you to an expected puppy we require a refundable deposit of $250.00 to go onto our waiting list. If we don’t have the sex or colour that you prefer we simply refund this deposit. However if you go elsewhere or change your mind the funds are not returned but can go toward a future puppy. We don’t need to keep your money we just need your commitment.

When the puppies are born and you have picked out a puppy we take a second deposit of $250.00 if you have a first deposit down, otherwise we take a $500.00 deposit. This makes the total of $500.00 non refundable since you have chosen your puppy, though pictures and videos.

When the puppy is 5 to 6 weeks old  we take another deposit of $500.00.

The balance is due on pick up.

Thank you for understanding our deposit structure and for purchasing an Isle of Standard Poodles puppy.

Puppy Application

Puppy Application

Your puppy application will assist matching puppies to families, also we can review the answers to find your perfect puppy.

Your Contact Information

Basic Information

Do you want a male or female *
Have you ever owned standard poodles? *
What type of activities would you and your family like to do with your dog? (for example: hiking, hunting, canoeing, trick training, therapy dog volunteering).
Do you agree to NOT breed this Standard Poodle?
Do you agree to spay/neuter when fully grown?
If you are unable to travel to pick up your puppy, what arrangements will you make for delivery?
Are you willing to travel to pick up your puppy?

Your Home

List all people in the home, include name, age and any allergies to dogs.
Are you planning to add any children in the next 2 years?
Are you planning to add any adults in the next 2 years?
Are you planning to add any animals in the next 2 Years?
Please include the name, species, breed, age and Spayed/Neutered/Intact status.
What other pets have you had in the last 10 years? What is the reason you no longer have them?
Type of Home
What type of home do you live in?
Do You Rent or Own?
Pet Restrictions
Does your landlord or Condo Bylaws have any pet restrictions?
Please list any pet restrictions.
Private Yard
Approximate size of yard
Fenced Yard

Your Puppy


Are you willing to wait to 12-16 weeks for Parvo/Distemper?
Vaccination for Pravo/Distemper at 16 weeks old gives 100% protection.
Are you willing to wait to give Rabies vaccine at 5 to 6 months?


Are you willing to wait until male puppy is full grown AT 1 1/2 to 2 years old before Neutering?
Are you willing to wait at least 10 months before spaying your female?


Are you willing to return the dog or puppy for a partial refund if for any reason at any age you cannot keep him or her?


Is someone home all or part of the day?
What arrangements will you make for the care of your dog while you are away?

(Puppies must be picked up between 8 and 9 weeks of age. If you wish to pick up your puppy later there is a daily boarding fee.)