My Story with Isle of Standard Poodle

When I purchased my first Standard Poodle, it was 1988. Her name was ‘Bridgett” Torbec Golden Bridge and she was a sweet apricot.
I was in Palm Springs at a body building retreat and the owner, Frank Zane, had a wonderful white Standard Poodle and I fell in love with her calm, sweet personality. When I left the retreat I couldn’t get her off my mind. My next stop was Las Vegas, and I started to search the classified ads and found the only litter of Standards for sale was in Toronto Canada. The funny thing was that was only 2 hours from my home town of London. I called and, after a short conversation, I purchased her sight unseen. It was the beginning of a life devoted to Standard Poodles.
Prior to my first Standard Poodle I bred Great Danes. I loved the breed, but due to the lack of buyer awareness in regard to their habits and size I found my heart could no longer breed them. I still wanted an intelligent and loyal dog as the Danes were but a dog that didn’t shed.
I also wanted a dog that would be protective, but not to the extent that I had to worry when neighbor’s or children came into the yard. After owning Bridgett for just over a year, I decided that I wanted to breed Standard Poodles. I was on the hunt for a stud. I found the perfect dog from Lavia Kennels and he had his Canadian Champion. His name was “Omar” Ch. Lavia’s Obvious Choice He received his champion in just 3 weekends when he was 10 months of age, he was handled by Peter Scott of Quelph, Ontario. Omar and I both loved and needed each other equally. He had a wonderful pedigree and was the smartest, kindest, and most loyal dog I had ever had the pleasure to own. He also had amazing social skills.

My goal was, and is, to raise healthy, affectionate poodles. I also want “forever homes” for all my wonderful puppies to go to. In order to ensure this, I practice the following:

* Study the characteristics and development of Standard Poodles.
* Socialize all my puppies with lots of love and attention.
* Start “duty” training and stairs at 6 weeks of age.
* Bio Sensor, loving environment , music, toys, habitual feeding times etc.
* Crate training
* Have non-breeding contracts.
* Raise all pups in my home.
* Return policy
* Guarantee