Helpful Puppy Suggestions

Food Tips

Cook bits of cooked /boiled chicken, alternated with canned Salmon, or Sardines in water, occasionally ground beef but chicken is best. Veg-green beans, and carrots I stay away from broccoli it’s too gassy. Tuna is also fine. 
Raw food is excellent we feed Big Country Raw and would love dogs to be on raw food .  Also organic pumpkin seeds are great for dogs and fresh or frozen mussels help with needed Manganese  for joints.

Do “Give a dog a bone” as they say, better than a tooth brush.
Never cook or boil bones they can splinter and can be a hazard, use marrow cow leg bones, great for crates.

I find that pork can upset a dogs stomach.

Chicken and rice is great when dog has an upset stomach or you happen to run out of dog food.  To change to another brand of dog food, change slowly or you could have a disaster.


Dog treats sold in stores with artificial colours and ingredients I don’t recommend.  You can give bits of chicken, hot dog, cheese, yogurt, much better for your dogs than commercial treats.  Also you can bake liver or boil in a pan with a small amount of water, and cut up in small bits refrigerate or freeze for great treats. Digestive biscuits are good. TLC also has fantastic dog biscuit treats! 20pound bag is much more economical than the 5 pound bag, I started with the 5 pound and they loved it so much my next order was a 20 pound bag and it lasted for 6months although we have lots of doggy visitors! all rushing to the pantry for a biscuit.

Toxic Foods

These are foods that could be harmful to your dog: Grapes, onions, chocolate, cocoa bean shells used in gardens for mulch,very toxic.

Raising Puppy

There are all kinds of training methods,books etc. I love The Dog Whisperer, By Caesar Milan if I can give you good advise that would be “Routine” Stick to a routine!!
You should not take puppy away from your property until the 2nd set of shots usually around 16 wks . See if Parvo is in the area.
Puppies love to play but they also love to sleep, when your pup wants to sleep let him sleep.  They really need their sleep to grow. Crates are wonderful, it’s their own little cocoon and makes a puppy feel safe.
Put paper at far end and nice bedding in front of crate near the door with a toy. Basically the pup will take a few days to adjust from the loss of his/her litter-mates.
Don’t make the mistake of going and picking the puppy up every time they cry in the grate.  They will sleep though the night. I know how much you want to run in and save the day but wait five to ten minutes and they will fall asleep.  First thing in the morning let the puppy right out side and give them your duty command, and than tons of praise!
They love to please you. Some people put the crate in the bedroom I choose to put them close to the door they are going to go out of in the morning for the first while, due to small bladders. Their bladders grow as they do. I always have music on at night when the puppies are being weaned from Mom.
Some times country music , and some times jazz, or classical it is different with every litter.
I do not recommend choker collars on poodles or leaving a collar on all the time.The best collars for training is called The Martin Gale style, it is half choker and half collar it stops at a point to prevent injury, and ads more control with out the choking effect.
Standard poodles are very loyal and love to be around people.They are highly intelligent and will be your best friend.
I would love to hear from you and get any up dates about your new puppy in the form of letters, emails, pictures, phone calls etc. This puppy’s happiness and yours mean the world to me.

Thank you for purchasing one or more of my puppies.

Crate Training