Date: April 19 2024


By Pat Holding from Calgary 
It has been so nice getting to meet you Jo-Ellen and we appreciate the care you took to fly little Bert out to Calgary. Darcy and I are fortunate to own two of your amazing pups, Riley (4 1/2)and Brady, (2 1/2). Adam and Troy will definitely give little Bert the best home in Bainbridge. Love your perfect, gorgeous pups. ❤️🐾❤️

Also sent by Troy and Adam from Bainbridge Island USA

Adam and I are over the moon in love with Bert. Thank you for bringing him to us and helping us get started on being poodle parents again. Your support and guidance has made the whole experience so much easier. We hope the rest of your stay in Alberta is a wonderful bit of rest and relaxation after all the work to provide us and the other families with the BEST poodle puppies ever. 😘😘🐶

Date: October 2023

Miss Isla

Ken and I would like to introduce the newest member of our family!

Everyone meet
Miss Isla 🥰🐩🐾💞

She is a Standard Poodle just like Ollie and she is actually related to him! His father is her grandfather!💞 Isla is 14 weeks old this Sunday and she is already potty trained and rings the bell to tell us she needs to go outside!

Ollie loves her as much as we do! They are best buddies! We are smitten with her!

📸Photographer credit: Emily Murphy Photography
🐩🐩Ollie and Isla’s first Mom and breeder extraordinaire is Joellen Curtis, owner of Isle of Standard Poodles. She is an amazing woman! Her knowledge of dogs and specifically standard poodles is extensive and spans more than 30 years! We are blessed to have 2 of her amazing babies in our lives!


Happy 12th Birthday to our Silver Tessa. Sending Birthday wishes to her Daddy Tux.

Joellen Curtis you told us you had a sweet girl from that litter and she has stayed the same. Amazing personality. She has been a blessing to our family. Thank you.

Date: October 29, 2022

Abby and Bailey

Thank you Joellen for 2 beautiful additions to my practice: Back to Health Wellness Centre, where they are therapy dogs and to my personal life!
Abby, who is 7 years old, and now Bailey who is, 3 months old.
They LOVE each other dearly!
I am truly grateful for finding you 7 years ago when searching for a new puppy.
The dogs you have are so social, fun and fabulous!! You are a truly gifted breeder, caring, kind and your dogs are adorable!!!

Barbara Rodwin

Date: October 20, 2022

Ruby in Saskatchewan:

Hi there 
Our fall is in high gear and lake water levels are very low.  Ruby will now walk on the sand at the beach m, but only dry sand.   
Last fall in November I was walking her and she was running free and I fell.  She came to me and stayed at my side protecting me until help came.   I broke my right ankle badly and had surgery right away and I’m still in Physio but can walk Ruby again.   She was such a good girl.  Help came and she practically pointed to where I was laying.   So all is well again.   She is such a good girl.  She was 8 in July.  
Hope you are doing well with all these things going on in our world these days.  Winter will be challenging as the prairies are to be very cold.  I gave up my skates so Ruby and I will just walk in safe spots.  (Ruby would come on the ice with before on the outside rink).  Paul still works until year end.   Maybe next year we will go south for the winter.
Keep safe and stay well!
Lori and Paul and Ruby McIntyre

Date: June 28, 2022

Ollie and Gracie:

Lyn Dray of St. Thomas On.
June 2022

My boy… 10 months old..bigger than his mama lol..and my love. he is an amazing boy.. does not need to be crated at all anymore…never chews or is destructive in any way ..never loud..unless playing with his mama.. he is an absolute dream. I totally thank my amazing breeder Joellen Curtis for giving us gorgeous Silver Gracie , Ollies mother, and being our friend and breeder for almost 2 decades.. our Lexie’s and Seamus’s breeder also so many years ago. We just put Lexie down at 18 yrs old and Joellen came to our home for emotional support .

Date: November 29,2020


It’s our anniversary! One year ago today we were at the Calgary airport picking up this bundle of joy. It was so cold that night and he was so small. Now our boy Riley practically runs our world and we can’t imagine life without him.
We also decided that we are a two dog household and when the day ever comes that we lose our 13 and and a half year old precious Bonnie……we will be in contact and arranging another trip to the airport. God willing, that won’t be for a few more years.

Have a wonderful Christmas. 🐾🐾🌲Thank you for giving us such an amazing dog. Hoping one day to add another poodle to our family

Date: November 29, 2020



the bond these two have is incredible. Boomer just adores Kaitlyn and she enjoys him so much. He really has helped her through these tough times. Thank you for giving us such an amazing dog. Hoping one day to add another poodle to our family.

Date: September 13, 2020


Jo Ellen
We were thinking of you and so grateful that we received Sophie from you 12 years ago
We receive so much love from her every day.
She is very healthy and acts like a pup. She has trained us very well 😀
The best thing we ever did was getting Sophie
Hope you are well


I wanted to share with you what a wonderful dog Louie is. We travel in our coach and he just sleeps and never complains. When we visit people they always invite him in. He is such a lovely companion. We actually have friends fighting over who will dog sit with him.


Date: August 7, 2020

Hi Joellen,
I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your summer.
I took the pups into the groomer today and sent along a pic of Riggz ‘ did.
His favourite thing in the whole world at the cottage is to rub his head in the moss that grows in the front of our place and keeping ahead of the mats got away from me.
I think they did a pretty good job with the rest of him. I am still trying to get a better standing picture for you so will try again later when my son is home to help me.
He is an incredible water baby and outside of rolling in the moss swimming is his second most favourite. We even tried a mock drowning of my son and Riggz didn’t hesitate to jump in and swim back to shore with jack holding onto his tail.
I keep him in a life jacket for swimming for his security and confidence.
He is quite a happy little fellow and we will be starting obedience classes in September before moving into agility which I think he will really love. We love him beyond words.

Keep well.

If you are looking for bio info for him he is extremely athletic and fearless. He loves, loves, loves the water and loves to play so I think he will be amazing in agility. He is incredibly trusting as he has no problem standing up and leaning in to me for a hug.
He is confident, smart and loving and always seems to have a smile on his face!
Hope that helps.

Date: March 30, 2020

Anyone would be very lucky to adopt one of Ruby and Desi’s pups. Riley is the fourth standard poodle we’ve owned over the last 16 years. Riley’s very healthy, has an amazing temperament, personality and is a just a wee bit gorgeous!
Riley is  six months old from Ruby and Desi’s litter!

The Testimonial

“Our baby boy RILEY is growing up. Here’s his 6 month photos, before and after grooming…… check out those eyelashes! Our old girl Bonnie is “almost” starting to like him. Lol. We are so blessed to be “stuck” at home with these adorable pups. Thanks again Joellen, you are the best breeder.

🐾❤️🐾  Hope everyone is staying safe…..thinking positive, enjoying your family and remembering that….this too shall pass. 👍🏼❤️👍🏼”

Date: April 15, 2019

Hi, we are so impressed with our Isle of Standard Poodle puppy. He is absolutely sweet and so exceedingly calm for a puppy!! Our whole family is absolutely in love with him. Thank you so much for our darling boy 🐩💕

(We are trying a longer fur on the muzzle look. He is such a pro getting a hair trim though. Thank you for introducing him to the clippers when he was really young.)


Hi Joellen! 

Just wanted to send you a little update on Grizzli 🙂 
I am absolutely blown away with her! She has certainly very quickly become a member of our family ❤ In the morning she will help me wake my oldest up so we can get him to PreSchool on time, I love how she bounces on top of him and slathers him in kisses till he gets out of bed! After having challenging Cattle Dogs all my life, Im totally flabbergasted how easily she is learning things. In the short week and a half shes been here, she has learned sit, stay, down, shake and leave it. 
When we play she is such a goofy puppy, and will often ‘protect’ my boys from a tickle fight by standing over them and licking me. My youngest has been teething lately, so when ever he has a fit, she is the first one at his side cuddling him or being goofy to make him laugh. At bed time, she drags her blankie into the boys’ bedroom and stays in there with them till they are both fast asleep, then comes to lay on my feet while I fold laundry or do dishes. 
I took her shopping the other day and let her pick out some new toys (Ruger decided he wouldnt let her play with ‘his toys’). The moment we got home Ruger decided the new toys were also his, so Grizzli went and took Rugers FAVOURITE ball, laid across the room from him and rolled all over his ball, having the time of her life. Such a little sass.
Grizzli LOVES digging in the sandbox with her brothers! They love it too because she makes ditches for them to pour water into. She has brought so much Joy and Love into our home in such a short amount of time. I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful, level headed, laid back baby girl ❤ 
I will send you photos of her first haircut when we get there. Im already dreading clipping her gorgeous puppy fluff. 
Thanks again
Take Care


Hi Joellen!
He is doing fantastic! He is such a sweetheart – we love him soooo much! As I told you, I don’t have a phone, so getting on my computer is the only way that I answer emails and messages, and these days I don’t have much time for that! lol (Can you guess why?! haha)
Yes, I did get your emails, thanks so much!

Funny story for you…I was watching a youtube video of one of your litters from several years ago, Willy was on the couch with me, and on the video you are calling the pups…well, as soon as he heard your voice, he went crazy, jumping on the laptop and yipping with excitement! So adorable, but I felt a little bad for him as he must miss you!

Anyhow, he is doing very well with housebreaking, and only wakes a couple of times in the night to go to the bathroom. And wow, does he love water!!! Can hardly wait to see him when we go to the lake next week!

Take care, and I will update when able…no internet at the cottage, so please don’t think I am ignoring you or forgetting about you.
Again, thank you for such a beautiful, sweet, loving pup!
Talk soon,


July 2018

Good evening Joellen!
I thought you may want to know how Madrid is doing after 10 days home.
I also have a few questions, some important other more for your experience. I will email you in few days.☺
Joellen, he’s amazing. So smart, he already grew up a lot. He eats a lot and drink a lot of water as well as trying to swim in it.😂He’s doing super good when I’m at work, almost all his night and he never did anything in the house yet. He understand his name, leash… I love him so much, he’s amazing. I haven’t laughed that much in years, he brings me so much joy, you have no idea. I needed him.☺😍🐩Madrid is clumsy, it’s really funny to see him playing and exploring life. I can’t wait for he’s seconds shots so we can go on walk, at the river and the lake…
Anyway, thank you so much for my puppy Madrid.😍🐩❤
Talk soon!😘


Hi Joellen, Sending along a picture of Pyper in front on the Christmas tree.

Max and I never thought we could love another as much as we did our Phoenix.  We want to thank you!! The words do not seem enough,
to express how grateful we are that you allowed us the gift of becoming Pyper’s forever home.

She obviously could not replace our beautiful boy, but she has made our hearts explode with new love.  She
is an absolute JOY!!!! Let me tell you she is one curious girl….she keeps us on our toes on a daily basis!! Does she
have an attitude!!! LOL!!! I swear if I had the time I could teach her to recite the alphabet…she is just that smart!!! She
has mended two hearts that were broken.

She’s being groomed this Saturday and I’ll send another picture after that. She just looks so gorgeous in this shot
that I had to share.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2017!

Marnie, Max and Pyper



Aug 2014

Hi Jo-Ellen:
Thank you we did receive the registration papers for our Shyla. Sorry it took awhile to get this note off to you we have been going through renovations on the house and its been crazy. Shyla is amazing and totally different poodle then our first. We often wonder if its the parti that is different she is fearless and seems self assured I would not hesitate to walk her a night. She is outgoing and affectionate, and she has a natural sense of children she is so gentle with them. Again thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog she has made our lives whole again since the loss of our Holly. She is much loved and very well taken care of, I even bought a grooming table and she loves groom time. She is so beautiful we are constantly being asked about her and we do rave about you, hopefully you will make more families happy. We will keep in touch, have a great weekend, Suzette, Jack and Shyla.
I Purchased a puppy from Jo-Ellen Curtis At Isle of Standard Poodles and it was the best purchase ever! I have owned a lot of dogs in the past and when I decided I would like a standard poodle I found Jo-Ellen not only was she great to work with my dogs is simply AMAZING !! Healthy and intelligent and my best friend I actually think my husband is jealous of him my next step is convincing him I would like another poodle! I am confident who ever purchases a puppy from her will be as happy with their new addition as we are with Jasper.
Virginia and Jasper Phillips
Jasper my wonderful standard poodle proved to me once again how amazing this breeder is. We were walking down by the river were my poodle frequently swims but this time his friend a Bermeese decided to join him in the river but when he could not get out over a bank out of the river Jasper my poodle went into quick action and saved him by pulling him out by pulling on his collar it was an amazing site of just what these standard poodles are capable of doing a truly wonderful dog

Virginia Phillips Owner of Jasper he is from Isle of Standard Poodles , his parents are Jazz and Tux

Samson now living in Germany. He Left Canada at 10 weeks old. He is a very loved, and happy, healthy puppy!

Hi Joellen, Sending along a picture of Pyper in front on the Christmas tree.
Max and I never thought we could love another as much as we did our Phoenix. We want to thank you!! The words do not seem enough,
to express how grateful we are that you allowed us the gift of becoming Pyper’s forever home.
She obviously could not replace our beautiful boy, but she has made our hearts explode with new love. She is an absolute JOY!!!! Let me tell you she is one curious girl….she keeps us on our toes on a daily basis!! Does she have an attitude!!! LOL!!! I swear if I had the time I could teach her to recite the alphabet…she is just that smart!!! She has mended two hearts that were broken.
She’s being groomed this Saturday and I’ll send another picture after that. She just looks so gorgeous in this shot that I had to share.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2017!
Marnie, Max and Pyper

Hi Jo-Ellen,
I have a quick question. Not really that important but I was wondering when Standards have reached their finished height. I’ve read they still grow up to 18mth. Trueman is doing great and is almost finished his first training class. He can do just about anything I teach him..so far he knows sit/down stays even when command is given off leash and at a distance, knows up,down and off, walks perfect on a leash, has perfect recall, knows leave it, find it, go under and go over and of course fetch and drop. He’s amazing and so much fun. He has also trained my husband to ‘find’ for him..True man constantly hides his squeaky balls then looks at my husband to get it for him. He sleeps on our bed every night, and naps on me if we’re watching TV. He has been to the mountains, the woods and downtown Calgary. He has gotten over his fear of sidewalk grates (who could blame him for that) and now walks over them proudly waiting for a praise reward! He loves other dogs (especially, for some reason Scottie dogs) and is very well socialized. We love him to the extreme and hope this summer to get him paddle boarding with us. So all is well with this beautiful baby which has got me thinking about getting another sometime in the future. Male or female? Does it matter? Thanks again for our beautiful boy!

Hi there Jo-Ellen
Just wanted to let you know that Panda is still doing great at almost 4 months. He is growing well (I think getting close to 20 lbs), sleeping and eating well (kept him on Acana) and learning so quickly. He is incredibly socialized to many dogs and every kind of person you could imagine, all age groups and ability levels. He is absolutely loved at my clinic and doesn’t jump up or nip and sits for people to pet him.
I contact a fellow name The Puppy Professor to do some individual training and his comment after the first visit was that he rarely sees a pup this well behaved and that many people would pay thousands of dollars for one like him. Although having a new pup in the winter is a ton of work (especially this winter) he is so sweet he makes it all worthwhile. I have already sent your web site link to a few patients.
Thanks again for such great breeding and care!
All the best
Heather and Panda

Date: SEPT 2014
I remember … that was her quiet days … now Tiara is a non stop little busy body and when not that, she is a true little lady = she is very sensitive and playful and all rounded pooch = she will make a good mommy some day.
I love her and you for having brought her into my life ….!

Date: August 2014
Ty’s progress
Hi Jo ellen,
I thought I would take some time to email you and let you know in more detail how Ty is doing. As you know, puppy hood can be all – consuming! For this reason, I haven’t had the time or brain power to truly write down what we have seen in our young pup.
He is learning things quickly. We had a few accidents (as is expected) at the beginning, but overall, he has taken to outdoor training very, very well. He has started ringing bells to go out. The other day he rang the bells, and it was such a casual touch, that I thought for sure he was just playing with them. But I took him outside anyway’s. He peed right away! But he does pee almost every time I take him out, so I was proud, but still questioning whether or not he intended to ring them. As soon as I got him back into the kitchen, he went straight to the bells and rang again! This I thought for sure was just play, but took him out any ways… he pooped right away!! Unbelievable. This is just one example of how he continues to “wow” us. My mom (who is my dog expert, and has lived with, trained, and groomed dogs all her life) has said that she is shocked at what he has learned as such a young pup. He waits to come in the door after outside time, he waits for his food to be put in front of him and for me to say “ok” before he starts eating. Again, just a few examples of how he has taken to the training we have started with him.
As you promise on your web site, he is also a calm puppy. When I describe him to people, I say he is a bit of an ‘old soul’ just so that I can describe how calm he is. He definitely has his playful moments, and shows himself as the puppy he is. But will very easily calm down and rest next to me. This was one of the reasons that I chose a standard poodle, but honestly wasn’t prepared to see his “calm” side until adulthood. He’s only just 15 weeks!!
As a family we have fallen in love with him! The kids love to watch him play, and cuddle with him. As we have take him places like soccer games, people’s houses, I can’t tell you the number of times people ask what kind of dog he is, and the discussion continues about their amazement at his coloring and that he is, indeed, a standard poodle (not mixed with anything else!!) This makes me feel proud to have such a unique looking dog, and is an easy conversation starter for me with others. I had one of Mano’s aunts say just yesterday that the pictures I sent out don’t do him justice. She said (as she was meeting him in person for the first time) that he is far cuter in person! Everyone who has come in contact with him has been enamored and seems to love him.
When I was thinking of getting a dog, I was doing some reading about how Poodles can be trained as guide dogs, and therapy dogs. Right around this time, my father in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I thought to my self “how wonderful it would be to get a dog that we could take to visit my father in law, and he would have a dog to pet, or walk or just hang out with.” My in-laws have always had dogs, and had to say goodbye to their last one a few years ago. Due to various factors, they decided not to get another dog. Just last week we were visiting with my in laws, and my father in law was asking to hold the leash as he sat and relaxed. Well, Ty happily stays with my father in law. He loves sitting at his feet and will easily fall asleep while my father-in-law sits with him. So sweet!
Ty has been a blessing to our family, and he is only just under 4 months old! I can’t imagine how much more of a blessing he will become in the years to come, as he matures to an adult and we continue to train him. He is already so easy to love and live with.
Thanks so much Jo ellen!

Good morning
We are at the lake and Ruby is having fun. We are amazed at how well she is doing and enjoying things. Nothing fazes her. I think her feet have grown. When we cuddle she puts them on my cheek. So sweet! You can take the credit for her being such a wonderful pup.


Tiara Second Spa Day~ Jan/2014
Tiara had her second spa day today. She went shopping afterwards at Pet smart then went to visit with gramma/grampa … she was very played out after = when we got home, she greeted her sisters and crashed, only to wake up for a special supper and to sleep again.
Oh she got more toys, she picked out an octopus with a rattle in its head and dragon.
I am letting her top-knot grow out so she will have a mane = I plan on braiding it, putting barrettes in, Tiara’s …. a true little girl !
She is perfect and truly loved!

December 2013
Here is a pic of Tiara .. she had her first big girl cut at the beauty salon.
I had practice with scissors and brushed/combed her daily and the groom er said she was an “A” student.  Doesn’t she look like a million bucks with her pearl necklace. She is already 14lbs and 14.5in at the shoulders.
I bought a 16 cam system (my xmas present) and will be getting it hooked up when the cold snaps,I will send you little videos of Tiara outdoors when she thinks no one is watching. The other morning, she brought in a 3ft pine branch and when not bringing in small trees, she is hunting down the squirrels peanuts and bringing those in to feast on …. she has a good nose.
Her house training / retention is coming along great. Two days this week, when I got home at lunch, she had not even had a pee or a poop and for an 11wk old that is quite amazing considering I leave for work at 7am and get home @ 12:30.
I will be setting up a camera in the kitchen and will be able to watch/monitor her and speak to her /as well as listen to her.

Hi Jo-Ellen
Things are going well. And Rufus (yes the name has stuck) has instantly become part of the family. We will send more pics but here is one from yesterday, I am not sure who is happier. 2014

Hi Jo-Ellen
Hope your holidays were enjoyable! Since Luna was our family’s “Christmas” present, I wanted to give you an update.
We all had two weeks off and enjoyed all the time we had with her. During the holidays I had a few parties and have to tell you all the compliments I received. Luna was such a sweet girl, very calm and obedient. All the food I had laid out on coffee tables were untouched by her. Of course, she wanted all the food, but did listen when I told her “no”. My family and friends could not believe she was only 4 months old and so smart. You were not exaggerating her temperament. She truly is calm, smart and loving. Don’t get me wrong, she is still a puppy and is very excited when guests first come into the house, but calms down within a minute.
We walk every day (except for the last few…much too cold), and believe it or not, I don’t need a leash. When on the sidewalk she may run about 2 houses ahead of me then stop, watch and wait for me. It’s like she is making sure I am ok…lol When out in parks she just runs around, usually within 20 meters of me. Luna is very happy to meet and play with other dogs, not aggressive but holds her own.
I can’t tell you what a great gift you have given my family! Thanks so much and I wish you a very Happy New Year.
Here are a couple pictures of Luna at our New Year’s Eve party. (This was just a few minutes before midnight. ) There were many children at the party and she enjoyed playing with them (her favorite was my niece Saylor who we nicknamed “the dog whisperer”), see pic’s below.

This is a story about a returned dog because the original owner didn’t’t feel she was spending enough quality time with him.
Thank God we were able to find him the perfect home.
“When Oli’s (Milo’s) photo was first mailed to me by Jo Ellen, I could not avert my gaze from his soulful eyes and precious pictures.
But, I took my time to respond. After losing my best mostly-poodle friend early Spring 2012, certainly I wasn’t ready or was I? My plan was to get a male part i-poodle pup after 1 year and well, plans are seldom aligned with the ones the universe has in store.
Six months to the day, I found myself picking up my sweet Oli pOOdles and knowing with every cell in my body and my heart that we belonged together. He needed a forever home and I needed Oli -exactly this dog. He’d been accurately described to me as a sweetheart, by Jo Ellen and as a ‘Mama’s boy’. And though he spent about 2 weeks hiding behind my legs the bond between us was instant!! He needed some more socialization and activities to mend some old habits and well, in my company, one certainly gets all the adventures and meeting others required. I call him many things-as all dog owners will concur; I refer to him Oli the Introvert. He’s playful and likeable, friendly to dogs and non-furry-hat-wearing adult humans all right, but he make’s those choices absolutely on his own. He’s already made a few good dog friends and many friendly acquaintances. There is no forcing his confident self. I could almost run a vacuum past his ears without him flinching, but he’s always alert to real or imagined danger and certain about ‘non-great’ dogs. What a beautiful poodle- I ‘am certain I’ve not taken 1 single even brief walk without being asked about him. Is he all-poodle? Where’s he from? I’ve never seen such a beautiful poodle! You look like a perfect match! ( I confess, we are) Are you sure he’s all poodle? I’ve never seen a coat like his. I need to get a poodle just like Oli and so on… Jo Ellen knows I have to carry her cards with me at all times.
Oli has just sort of eased into my life. He delivers toys when its time to play, rests his head when it’s time for a cuddle, lifts a paw for walks and food and only sometimes barks-there’s always a purpose. Smart doesn’t begin to describe Oli. I have a lot to learn from him and about him yet. Welcoming Oli into the family has got to be the biggest gift of 2013. Welcome stunningly lovely sweet Oli- you belong here forever.
C. R. Reay Hutchinson-Guelph, Ontario.”

Hi Jo-Ellen
I wanted to send in an a testimonial about my baby girl Diva, I am so happy I choose a standard poodle! I love her personality, she fits right in around here. She is growing so fast. I am a first time poodle owner but she has been so easy to train. She is very smart and very loyal, a great companion. Thank you so much for breeding an excellent dog, I don’t know what I would do without her she is very much apart of the family !

She is amazing and doing so well, she is very happy. She plays, eats, sleeps, poops! I get up with her twice in the night to take her outside, she goes happily back in her crate with all her toys and chews herself back to sleep. She has met tons of new people, kids, men, loving mums, she is lively but also very cuddly. She is eating well, inc yogurt and sweet potatoes. We just enrolled in puppy classes starting nov 19. Jacob adores her and she is lapping up the love. She is amazing in the car, I take her to school every day. I’m not working so she is getting tons of attention, clicker training, grooming and teeth cleaning. She is keeping me very, happily busy.
I will try and be better at more regular updates, sorry if I worried you.

Hi Jo-Ellen
Henri is doing quite well adjusting to life here. He spends the entire day with me at the office with a goody bag of toys. He travels exceptionally well and has taken to the car seat belt harness great too.
He has been rather subdued at the office and very playful at my home and with the other poodles in the family. I’ve attached a couple first day pictures and some more recent ones.
Jennifer Rowles

Maggie/Dixie’s Litter Born August 31/13 Home October/13
Marshall is AMAZING!!!!
I just wanted to thank you!!!
Marshall has slept through both nights with only about 2 minutes of whimpering when we first put him in his cage. So far he hasn’t had any accidents and actually goes to the back door when he wants out!!!!! He is such a brilliant little boy 🙂 He and Chloe get along fabulously and spent about an hour playing in the leaves yesterday. He did not like his collar or leash at first but is getting used to them both very quickly.
When we went to buy his food, Chloe picked him up a stuffed puppy that is bigger than him – so far that is his favorite toy.
He is the perfect little puppy – you did a great job!
We’ll keep you updated with his progress – thanks again.

Hello Jo-Ellen.
We were just thinking of you and thought you may enjoy one of Olives latest photos. She has turned out to be an amazing dog. At the moment we have tentatively found accommodation for Olive during our upcoming vacation in Oct. if any change in plan
we would let you know.
Cheers Roger, Diana and Olive

Hello Jo Ellen.
We cant tell you enough how pleased we are with Olive she has been the most happy and placid poodle we have owned so quiet hardly ever barks (only when required). Just for your info we were able to find a kennel just outside of Brighton called (Canine Resort ) where the dogs all have individual heated pens inside with access to also there own run outside where they could see one another without interaction. It was recommended by our vet who also takes his dogs there. Olive did not seem to mind just acted a little strange when we picked up but that only lasted for a short time.
Wishing You A Merry Christmas Olive Cheers Roger and Diana Hedge

Hello Jo-Ellen,
You were right Ben is amazing he fits right in. One of my little girls (Clara 7yrs), said she couldn’t believe how much she loved Ben and wonder if this could all just be a dream. I told her if it was, it’s the best dream I’ve ever had!!!!
Thanks for a dream come true,

Ben is doing AWESOME, he’s such a doll. My oldest daughter Isabella (8yrs) said “even Santa can’t out do this present (Ben)”. We all love him to pieces.
I promise to send you some pictures after X-mas. When you’re feeling lonely just remember your gift of a healthy happy puppy out did SANTA CLAUS, even I can’t do that!!!!!!
Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us.

Hi jo-Ellen
Well it has only been two days but we are in love. Gracie is the smartest dog we have ever seen, not one mess in the house and you won’t believe this but she goes to the back door and scratches and whines which sounds impossible but it is true. She is also so gentle in nature yet not afraid of a thing, she approaches everything with an air of confidence. I have to fight the kids for time with her, and my daughter has said nothing but I want one since she has seen her. Tomorrow she is going for a walk downtown as my youngest says she is definitely a chick magnet!! LOL
Anyway hate to keep taking your time but my husband asked again today if I told you how wonderful we think she is.
Thank you

Hi Jo-Ellen,
Just a quick update on “Drake”. He’s doing very well here, fits right in with all of the chaos and does not seem even mildly annoyed by our busy life/family. He loves our other dog and cats and is learning to respect the horses. He knows how to “wait” for food or  any other scenario that he is requested to stay in place, shake a paw, high five, leave it, no begging, off, up, etc. Basically he is learning how to be a good citizen. He loves to ride on the golf carts and dune buggy, sleeps with the kids, loves long walks to the back bush and riding to town in the truck. We just got his second set of vaccinations and have been given the ok by the vet to get him out and about a bit more to socialize him in the city and with other vaccinated canines. He has been to the groomers once (his wiggly body proved to be more than my grooming experience was capable of. I’ll take over once the professionals have tamed the beast). He did however get an A+ from the groom er! I am taking him for his first introduction to swimming this w/e….see if he lives up to his poodle heritage!
We are all really enjoying him.
Have a great day,

Subject: Milo is the best dog EVER!!!!
Hi Jo-Ellen,
I just had to tell you how insanely I love Milo. He is the best dog
I’ve ever owned and I’ve had some great dogs. He hasn’t had a
single accident in the house or his crate, he is super sweet to
Coco and everyone he meets, he heels perfectly on a leash after
only 2 walks!!! Today I groomed a dog and he greeted the dog
perfectly and slept under my table the whole time…even when I was
drying with the high velocity dryer. He is the perfect addition to
this family. Thank you sooooooooo much for breeding such a wonderful puppy!!! I love him to pieces. Thank goodness he doesn’t get tired of hugs and kisses lol

Just to let you know Bo is doing well. He is a very cool guy. He
sits and stays comes when called [usually] pretty good on the going out to do his thing. He has been out to the lake with us . He likes a car ride. He climbs up into the car seat and looks out. He really has a lot of confidence and does his own thing. Loves walking on a leash. I honestly have never seen a smarter pup. His temperament is calm and tolerant of my granddaughter. The whole family is in love with little Bo Bo. You are right , hr is not a barker. We are so pleased to have Bo. I hope all is well with you.
God Bless

Hi Jo ellen,
Lola is amazing. She is the perfect match. She has a
keenness for learning, loves to meet people. Enjoys her walks and car rides. We are working on roll over. She is always willing to learn and loves the attention. Her temperament is perfect. She also has a very lay ed back nature. People often comment on her unusual coloring. they want to know what type of dog she is?? There is nothing like her up here!!! When we are having people over she just loves to get to know them and lay by our feet. She is full of energy.We take her for walks three times a day. Sophia and her have become great friends. Sophia, with the help of Lola, has found herself again, and is no longer lonely. We are watching with anticipation to see how big she is going to be. She is 26lbs today. A solid girl!! Just wanted to keep you in the loop.
Do you have any pictures of her litter mates, we would love to see them.Take Care, Enjoy the nice weather.

Jo Ellen
I saw your email and decided to give you an update on one of your pups – Sophie London.
She is still a wonderful puppy…not so much a puppy as she is 2 and a half now. She always wants to please and she thinks she is a lap dog…of course we love to have her cuddle with us. She gets lots of attention and exercise as she gets out with anyone who wants to jog or walk the block… Any time she feels left out someone will find a tennis ball dropped in their lap ,… and she loves people and wins everyone’s affection where ever she goes.
Are you still breeding? We heard of a larger poodle –called an imperial standard poodle…have you heard of this.??

Hello Jo Ellen!
Jeff, my spouse, did tell me that you called sometime last year to check on Riley and, at that time, I had intended to email you back. So sorry it’s taken so long!!
Thanks, for your thoughtful follow-up!
As I’m sure Jeff told you, we are delighted with Riley! He’s a WONDERFUL family companion! He’s smart, playful and very energetic – perfect attributes for our active “outdoorsy” family. Although he’s probably most attached to me, he’s also a true family dog who warmly greets all seven of us whenever we return from anywhere, especially if someone is keen to throw a ball – one of his favorite games! He’s attached to some of our children’s friends and will greet them as if they are family if we happen to meet them anywhere. Very cute and certainly endearing to those young people.
Other characteristics which might be of interest to you as a breeder;
– excellent health
– we often receive compliments on what a good looking dog he is, both when he’s newly groomed and also when he’s got his longer winter “fluff” coat (always a puppy cut for us…)
– on occasion, people have commented on his muscle definition, strength and toning (when he has a short cut) which is a reflection of fine conformation, I’m sure
– highly sensitive, sometimes anxious
– a great alert/watch dog
– wants to bark a lot when excited or on alert
– territorial
– sometimes lacks confidence when asked to learn something new
– strives to be the dominant dog when in a pack but is almost always able/willing to respond to a request to “tone it down” when asked to do so
– calm indoors
– easy to train
– doesn’t like to swim
– gentle mouth when chewing a bone or toy
– enjoys the bit of agility we’ve worked with him on – likes to problem solve and be mentally engaged (LOVES the game of hide and seek!)
– seems to love children
– almost always good with puppies and small dogs (if the other dog is aggressive or “troubled,” he’s easily agitated and anxious)
I’m not much of a photographer so, on my computer, I only have a couple of photos taken by one of my daughter’s friends. Because she’s striving to make a business and has these photos watermarked you won’t be able to use the photos but I thought you might like to see them anyway. They are probably almost a couple of years old now.
HOpe all is well with you and yours!
Ilona Love

Hi Jo Ellen,
Well, Brodie (that’s his name) traveled like a star on the floor of the car on my feet and went fast asleep. He is such a well adjusted, confident little fellow and met my old boxer and my 4yr poodle without any sign of fear. He has bounced around the lawn then had a snooze and then came all the way down the lane way to feed horses and be with me doing chores. I had a leash but didn’t need to use it as he came every time I called him – you did an amazing job handling them and it makes such a difference. I put him in a stall with the other dogs while I brought horses in and that went perfectly amenably, in fact he had another snooze and then it was back up the lawn and pinch the boxer’s bone! He then spent the next 20 minutes chewing the bone while I sad outside with a glass of wine. So far I haven’t managed to get him to drink any water or eat anything so if he doesn’t drink soon I will syringe a little water in his mouth. One question with the kibble – do you feed it moist or dry?
Thanks you for such a confident wee puppy I know we will all have a lot of fun together. I will keep you posted.

I took Murphy, Onyx and my daughters for portraits yesterday. Onyx was absolutely amazing, for a 14 wk old puppy she was just incredible! And compliments, omg they must have told me a hundred times, she was better behaved and calmer then most adult dogs they have in.
I just thought you’d like to hear how amazing your puppies are even at such a young age. I’ll send you a scanned photo when they come in.
Onyx-turned out to be a perfect name for her she truly is our little “ebony gem”
I took Envy to the vet today for her weigh in, and general puppy check up by the way she weighs 48lbs but the vet said he had never met a more well rounded easy going standard poodle in all his years, and he took your name if anyone was ever looking for one. He said Onyx and Envy are just amazing examples Of such a phenomenal breed!
I thought you would like to here such a nice compliment

Hey from Tina > > Hi Jo – Ellen,> It is nice to hear from you! Tina is doing great, she is such a nice addition to our family and very much loved by everyone but especially by kids. She is smart and well tempered dog, and she is a nice looking dog too. She end up being not too big, probably like her mother , which I like, and when we trim her short her co lour is ” blue” – as it was promised :-). So you were right about size and co lour from the beginning. > I am going to forward you a few pictures that I have on my iPhone and tomorrow I will send you more that I have in my computer library. We have lots of her pictures :-)), my daughter who is her ” main” owner keeps making pictures. She actually takes good care of Tina – walks her etc., as she promised from the beginning which surprises me because it is not very common for a kid to make a promise and to commit to it

Hi Jo-Ellen,
I can’t believe it’s only been a week since we got Ruby. This week the biggest challenge for Miss Ruby was learning how to walk on a leash. It took a few tries but she definitely has the hang of it now. We even went for a little run this morning which was lots of fun! I swear she has grown an inch in the last week! She never stops playing with our other dog Jillian and she seems very happy.
All the best,

Hi Jo Ellen,
Ricki has been doing great!! We have graduated puppy class with flying colors, and our trainer just loved her. She loves running and is so playful. Everyone who meets her just loves her and loves her personality.
She is just such a lovely dog and we couldn’t be happier.
I have attached some photos of her to share with you!

Hi Jo-Ellen
Hope that all is going well for you!!
We purchased our adorable Leonard from you a little over 2 years ago and just wanted to give you an update. He is the nicest, sweetest and most loving poodle and we absolutely adore him. He and our golden doodle Delilah are best buds and LoVE each other. We’re so glad that we found him through you. A beloved family member. 🙂
Here are a few pictures of our beautiful Leonard.
All the best,