The First 48 Hours

Finally when it is time to bring your new puppy home, here are a few preparations that you need to go through to get ready for that new baby.
Create a safe, friendly environment. Here is a checklist:
1 – Make sure that all poisonous items are stored out of puppies reach.
2 – Remove any poisonous plants.
3 – Look at your home from your new puppies point of view and remove hazardous items.
There are things that your new puppy will need so I would suggest purchasing them in advance if possible: 
1 – Food and Water dishes, sometimes well water can give them runs since our water is fluoride free clean good water even spring is best. I personally have an electric water dish out side all year round.
2 – A collar , I personally like the martin-gale collars, and a leash and even an extended leash can be a great training leash.
3 – A pin brush for fluffing, called a slicker and a nice comb. Brushes are great for surface brushing but you really need a comb for getting the mats out and getting down to the skin.
4 – Safe and appropriate toys. Nothing from China!! Usually if a toy and fit comfortable in a puppies mouth it is too small and the puppy may choke on it.
5 – A bed or crate for sleeping in.
6 – A baby gate to keep puppy from going where you don’t want him to go. Don’t worry about them falling down the stairs they will go up and down in no time!
7 – News paper Your puppy has been trained on this from 5 weeks of age. They make potty training much easier on your puppy.
8 – I buy hanging bells that fit on your door handle from pet smart they quickly can be taught to ring THE BELLS when wanting out side.
Puppies have different nutritional needs than an adult dog. By feeding a complete and balanced nutritional food you can help maintain healthy teeth, bones, weight, and help keep your dog healthy for a long time to come.
Consistency is the key. Feed you puppy the same food at the same time every day. Puppies should be fed 3-4 times a day. I don’t think it’s possible to over feed a poodle! They are grazers and I’ve never seen a fat poodle unless she is expecting puppies! Too much weight can cause liver and heart problems as well as joint and back problems.
Don’t be upset if your puppies appetite changes. Occasional loss of appetite or digestive upset is normal for growing puppies. Continue your feeding routine. However, should the upset become severe or last for more than a day contact me or your vet. Pure pumpkin or sweet potato can firm up stools.
Making the transition easy:
2 – Keep your puppy with you at all times. this will keep him out of trouble.
3 – Let sleeping puppies lie. They need their rest as much as you do!
4 – Teach young children the proper way to hold and care for the puppy.
5 – Don’t leave your puppy unattended with young children or other pets until everyone has adjusted well.
House training:
1 – Establish a routine and STICK WITH IT!!!!! Take your puppy out after eating and sleeping.
2 – Until the puppy is completely trained keep and eye on him!
3 – Crate-training is essential!
4 – Designate a certain potty area and stick with it!
5 – Correct the puppies mistakes only when you catch him in the act. otherwise the puppy will not understand why you are angry with him/HER.
Puppies are like babies, they are always curious, and they are teething. Since puppies have a low vantage point and can see things that you can’t, it is important to get down on their level when puppy proofing your home.
Here are some suggestions:
1 – Confine puppy in a safe area that they can’t escape from.
2 – Don’t leave your puppy unsupervised.
3 – Keep your puppy off high decks and balconies where he may fall.
4 – Store cleaning supplies, soaps, chemicals, poisons, and antifreeze securely out of reach.
5  – Remove poisonous houseplants. (See list of poisonous house plants below)
6 – Keep the toilet lid down.
7 – Remove or cover any electrical cords or outlets.
8 – Keep medications out of reach.
9 – Make sure you know where your puppy is before closing any doors or leaving the house.
10 – Keep sewing supplies, hardware, and coins out of reach.
11 – Keep plastic six-pack beverage holders and plastic bags, elastics out of reach.
12 – Always have important phone numbers like your vet handy and mine on hand!
***Joellen Curtis 519-452-7021 cell 519-615-5691***