Bridey Murphy

Thought you’d like to know: Our beloved black standard Bridey Murphy
was put to rest June 20th at the tender age of 16.
It seems like only yesterday we brought her home from your place
to keep Emma company. Now, both are gone and we are left with
that scamp, Teddy, who, we’re sure, will miss her.
Bridie was doing OK but in recent months had probably developed
kidney problems and in the past couple of weeks was unable to
stand, her rear end giving out constantly. Our vet concurred with
our decision.
Here’s a photo taken this past winter!


Alan, Nancy and Melissa Murray.
Our precious Butch born Dec. 2 /94. ( not sure of date) sure of month and year. I picked him up on Jan.21/1995
Butch died on July 24 2007 of natural causes. He would have been 13 in Dec/07